De-cluttering before packing to move

De-cluttering before packing to move

De-cluttering before packing to Move

De-cluttering before packing is an important aspect of preparing to move – because it allows you to decide what you’ll need for the new house, what you’ll have room for, and what you don’t.

The most important thing to remember when de-cluttering is that you’ll be making room and getting rid of emotional baggage, while lowering your moving bills. An average four person house requires at least a 26ft truck to move, while a house that doesn’t de-clutter might need twice that!

De-cluttering can be considered essential or heartless – but either way, moving time is one of the best times to do a proper de-clutter – in fact sometimes, it’s the only “spring cleaning” that some people do. While it’s always good to hang onto things of sentimental value, do you really need a newspaper from 1985 with an article about something that you needed to follow up within a week of the printing?

Get rid of any papers that you don’t need (though keep all important documentation) – consider donating any magazines, books, old toys or clothes in good condition to a local charity or library – you could even sell them on EBay to make some cash.

These donations and sales make mental and space sense – you’re not wasting perfectly good items you will probably never use again, and you could sell the really good condition items in a variety of places. You could hold a yard sale, or garage sale – or if you have enough time, auction them online.  If you have the know how – getting rid of the things you don’t need or want can actually generate you some extra money for the move.

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